What’s this about?

Humans don’t seem to be particularly well suited to survival in the world.

To live sensibly in it is becoming more and more difficult – we constantly need to adapt to a frantic pace of change and are continuously forced to become more and more adept at distinguishing froth from substance, lies from truth, choice from compulsion.

Certainly, the corporatised Western style of social management in the early 21st century is comically demented, resembling cattle farming more and more – other than Iceland, and perhaps Switzerland, we cannot find a democracy resembling the idealised model we have been presented with over decades. Our individuality has been decimated, and we have forgotten the scope of our gentle, sovereign, individual power.

We need to repossess our innate sanity, and reflect that in our communities and governance. This is daunting, and requires massive changes in our political systems, and on a personal level, in our intellectually lazy frameworks of career structure and behaviours, in which we strive mightily to escape suburban mediocrity by buying deeper into the very social systems which create and reward that quotidian ordinariness.